About KK Herald

KK Herald ‘weblogs’ on societal issues particularly regarding the power of mass media and educative processes in shaping individual’s or a society’s worldview (a way of seeing and being in the world).

The blogger acknowledges that there is no neutrality in all of life – everything people do is shaped by their philosophical heart commitment (or worldview) influencing their actions, language and thoughts.  And everyone has a worldview! thus, the blogger’s elemental understanding of reality will no doubt be reflected in his thoughts herein. Though there are many life aspects that shape worldviews, KKHerald will often address issues surrounding Mass Media and Education.

KK Herald will attempt to inform, critique the society’s politics, economics, religion, arts, environment, media, culture and other human interest subjects with an aim of engaging cultures, recognize their faults and perhaps seek their just and authentic redemption and restoration. Welcome.

NB: Unless a  byline or credit is given, articles are written by the blogger (Read about the blogger in a separate page).

3 Responses to “About KK Herald”

  1. ben kiogora Says:

    Nyc & on point. I am looking forwward for more.

  2. Muthami wa Mbunga Says:

    Wawawa. This is a very deep and conscious blog. You are going places men. God bless you.

  3. zakayo mwangi Says:

    First, its sweet to the eyes, the name is creative, well researched issues and bold. keep up erand boy!!

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