About the blogger

The blogger, Kwemoi Kamary (KK) is a freelance writer and editor. He is currently a professor in the Department of Education at Kosin University, Busan- Republic of Korea. He attained his doctorate degree from Kosin University (comparative research on  emerging media and their transformative capacities within cultures). He previously worked as a Graduate Assistant at Kosin University Graduate School. He was born in Kitale, Kenya.

Kamary is a trained journalist (a graduate of Daystar University, Kenya) with further experience in Public Relations and Advertising (in Kenya and Korea). His contributions as a freelance editor and a writer have been published in Magazines, Newsletters, Newspapers and Blogs around the world.

In Education field, the blogger has conducted research in Educational Philosophy with interest on the impact of the contemporary worldviews (modern capitalism (economic rationalism, commodification), postmodernism, Confucianism etc). He graduated in 2010 with M.A. in Education.

He has presented papers (and lectures) at various scholarship meetings and conferences on the impact of media on cultural formation and education. He has traveled to The Philippines, Japan, Europe, U.S.A.,China and various African nations.

Outside academia, the blogger has been a volunteer at Busan Foundation of International Activities and Global Green Stewards, a leader in Y-20 Summit (a version of G-20 Summit), a photographer and a leader of various groups and organizations  in Kenya and Korea. He is the immediate former Secretary General of the Kenya Community in Korea (KCK) and one of the founders of Kenyans in Busan Community.

He welcomes constructive critique.

Contact: Email: kwemoi@gmail.com;      Tel.: Office: (+82) 051-990-2178


3 Responses to “About the blogger”

  1. Alex Says:

    I am so proud of you and you are such a wonderful person.
    God made me meet you today and it is a wonderful day to me. God bless you!!!!

  2. Jiarez Mohmbeza Says:

    Brother, you are the most gifted and intellectuall of the man I have seen in this country! Power to the brother, and fight and march on!!!! May your intellectual gift help all of the world! Jiarez Mohmbeza

    • kkherald Says:

      Thank you Jiarez for your kind comments. I am humbled yet inspired to contribute positively, to the society I live in. Be blessed.

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