Outgoing KCK Executive Appreciates Kenyans


Dear Kenyans in Korea and friends of Kenya,

The outgoing KCK Executive board wishes to thank you for your trust and support during its term.

From February 2015, we worked together and made strides in a number of things, which we can all celebrate as part of our achievement.

We would like emphasize that KCK is a family and we all have been building it in one way or another. Although we may not have been perfect, we assure you that we tried our best to deliver our team’s manifesto and also to expand/realize the ideas of the previous teams.

We will forever remain humbled and grateful for your confidence and cooperation.

Below is a list of what our team helped to achieve while in leadership:


  1. Created and launched KCK Official Website
  2. Collected comprehensive data of Kenyans in Korea
  3. Conducted leadership SWOT analysis to strengthen service delivery
  4. Published “The Big Book”; a collection of academic papers by KCK members
  5. Strengthen Regional Branches by recognizing leaders and their committees and expanding KCK activities to regions
  6. Created KCK brochures (downloadable from KCK website) to be sent to Korean Embassy in Nairobi etc.
  7. Amended constitution to introduce Governing Council (KCK Exec, Regional Leaders; and Students Body and Professionals/Business as Ex-Officios)
  8. Strengthen KCK-Embassy collaborations & Coordination (e.g. exhibitions, scholarships information, etc.)
  9. Worked with Kenyan entrepreneurs to operate exhibition booths provided by various organizations via the Kenya Embassy
  10. Created a healthy financial status for KCK from an inherited debt to over 1Million Won throughout the leadership term.
  11. Expanded registration by approx. 100 new members
  12. Facebook membership grew from 640 to over 1000 including KCK members who have returned to Kenya or other parts of the world.
  13. Record breaking numbers in all major KCK events (over 70 in Tujuane Fest in Cheonan, 200 in Busan Retreat, etc.)
  14. For the first time branded KCK events with KCK T shirts (and hoping that this idea will go on with customized regional color-codes e.g. Busan-Red, Daegu-Green, Seoul Blue and so on)
  15. Initiated establishment of Diaspora Alliance (Asia Chapter) with KIJA (Kenyans in Japan) and Kenyans in China. Ongoing process.
  16. Built KCK profile and image as evidenced by growing interest to join KCK and also in leadership position in 2016 elections.
  17. Initiated a process of appointing Honorary Ambassadors from outstanding Korean KCK members to strengthen KCK-Korea socio-cultural and organizational interactions.
  18. Introduced “KCK Official Seal” as the official stamp for KCK documents/ recommendations and certificates.

Recommendations for next Team

  1. Seek immediate registration of KCK (work with the Embassy, Honorary KCK Ambassadors and other well-placed friends of KCK to achieve this goal).

– From our experience it is a big challenge to engage Korean or Kenyan Organizations and Government if we are not registered. This was discussed during our lunch meeting with the Deputy Ambassador in Busan and we reached a conclusion that there are several ways to explore.

  1. Consult with Professionals & Business Body on how to strengthen the ProBiz body and make meaningful progress.
  2. Organize a leadership retreat for Governing Council (KCK Exec. And Regional Leaders and Students Body and Professionals/Business as Ex-Officios). This will ensure that you have a unified manifesto and a two-year strategic plan.
  3. Continue strengthening regional branches and empower them in all aspects possible.

Once again thank you for your cooperation. It is our sincere hope that the incoming team will get much support to realize its agenda and advance the heritage and legacy of KCK.

Outgoing Executive Board

  1. Dr. Benson Kamary – Chairperson
  2. Jackson Ngari – Vice – Chairperson
  3. Gathuka George – Secretary General
  4. Ann Wambui – Secretary General
  5. Kitetu Geoffrey – Treasurer
  6. Kwamboka Ngoko – Projects Coordinator
  7. Cindy Seda – PR Officer
  8. Egerton Omwondo – Assistant Treasuer
  9. Pierienna Kagweni – Assistant Projects Coordinator


  1. Dr. Patrick Ntonja
  2. Christine Kathurima



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