The enemy is more than economic stagnation, but they won’t say

It’s Sunday afternoon. I am seated at Gusttimo Café which has arguably become my best coffee stop in Nampodong. I love the place for its quietness, soft couches and you guessed right – for its mild coffee. I’m not a coffee person as such so I come over for the place – and this computer! No, I not telling you to feel affection for Gusttimo; I’m already jealous  Read the rest of this entry »

How far will “People Power” revolution spread?

The impact of Tunisian and Egyptian “Jasmine Revolution” … it just might spill over to Libya

While in the Philippines five months ago, one name that dominated my quest to understanding political history of the country was Ferdinand Marcos. I learnt that mid-1980’s seemingly shaped the political map of the Philippines through a popular movement dubbed “people power” as hundreds of thousands of ordinary Filipinos took to the streets to oust Marcos? They joined a section of military personnel opposed to the president. What followed was an amazing Read the rest of this entry »

Politics: Our mandate amid optimism and cynicism

Published by The Precious News, Kenya

Politics: Our mandate amid optimism and cynicism – a Christian view

Political influence is massive in any given society. Over the years, the understanding of what it means to be a politically active Christian has been met with mixed reactions. By politically active I do not mean political activism or being a career political leader. In the simplest form, I hold the view that everyone, particularly the tax-paying citizen is politically active; the context, approach and ideological variations Read the rest of this entry »

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