Racism: Remembering Luther King’s Legacy in Korea

Published in the Korea Times, Joongang Ilbo and Yahoo-Korea January 21, 2011

Today is the third Monday of January therefore a Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Across the globe, Luther King Jr. has often regarded as a hero of civil rights in America alongside Rosa Parks and Claudette Colvin. On the same day this week, I was privileged to sit among ‘panelist of color’ to discuss a rather hot radio show topic of racism in Korea hosted by E-Busan Fm and Busan Ilbo. ( Check Busan.com)

While my four year stay in Korea does not make me an expert on the issue, it could be however Read the rest of this entry »

Renewable energy and why our education miss the basics

This week, a friend from the Philippines and I were privileged to meet one of the most formidable South Korean environmental activists. Mr. K. Ja Sang is unapologetically conservative, an environment fanatic and a green energy enthusiast, at least from the first impression. Some of his understanding about the contemporary lifestyle and its impact on environment are appreciably genuine attracting to a keen mind. After an hour’s lecture in his office my brains traveled back to my Read the rest of this entry »

Education could be at the altar of our perilous assumptions

Edited version published by The Precious News, Kenya
There is a dangerous lie out there that educational processes are neutral – as serving to the intellectual knack in a child. It is a lie because even religious education or Sunday school activities may serve to the detriment of a child’s understanding of God’s world.

The undetected myth of educational neutrality widely bought by many contemporary parents including Christians, has led to the prevailing passive concern for their children’s source of instruction. To believe that education is merely informative is an error since education of any form, including casual educative contents from say the television, is a product of philosophical assumptions – righteous or wicked. Read the rest of this entry »

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